Stylemint Grand Finale Mystery Box

My Stylemint Grand Finale Mystery Box finally arrived – a special promotion box I ordered that promised 4 to 10 items for $29.99.  I have to admit that I can’t get enough of mystery bags…



I’ve never ordered anything from Stylemint before, but other reviews mentioned that their sizes run large.  I’m a fairly petite person, so I stuck with their smallest size (size 1).  


In my box were the following items:

1. White Flag Tee Shirt that says “LOVE” on the pocket (I can’t find the name of it) 

Of the four pieces I received, the LOVE tee shirt is my favorite.  I’m not a huge fan of graphic tees, but it’s so soft and cute.  

2. Pink Longsleeve Henley (Mercer Tee) (value = $29.99, currently on sale for $15)

The quality of this shirt that reminds me of one that I would purchase from Splendid.  I like the bright watermelon color, but this shirt doesn’t quite fit me.  I can use it for layering or as a pajama shirt 🙂

3. Black Larkin Top (value $29.99) 

If I wear this, I will tuck this into a bodycon skirt. You might not be able to tell in the picture, but t’s a really heavy velour shirt.  The back of the shirt scoops fairly low and has a ribbon that ties it together. 

4. Cappuccino Maggie Dress (value $29.99, similar here
This dress has a henley-style front to it and comes with a (flimsy) tassel belt/rope.  This was my least favorite item in the box because it’s made out of scratchy tee shirt material and the dress doesn’t flatter.  It might suffice as a beach cover-up or pajamas.  

Earlier in the year, I ordered a Mystery Box from Jewelmint and was disappointed.  Although I might not order another mystery box from any of the Mint websites, it was fun to receive a surprise in the mail!  

You can click here for my Stylemint link. Thanks!

If you’ve purchased from Stylemint before, feel free to post your reviews below!



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